What should I wear?

The weather in Montana can change dramatically in a very short time so we always suggest bringing layers. We provide Pendleton blankets but additional clothing is never a bad idea. Footwear is flexible as the boat is completely dry inside, however getting in and out of the boat can sometimes result in wet feet. If we need to make a stop along the river the terrain can be uneven and rocky so be sure to wear something sturdy. 

What is your operating season?

Typically April through October, but weather dependent early and late season. Our guides are experts on the Yellowstone River so if you are considering a trip during the shoulder season, reach out to us to discuss water levels. 

Where do we meet you?

Scenic trips typically travel from Point of Rocks Fishing Access Site to Emigrant Fishing Access Site, however custom floats may venture to a different stretch of river. Your guide will meet you at Point of Rocks Fishing Access. Because the river flow fluctuates, your trip may run a little more or a little less than 3 hours. If you have time constraints, please let your guide know up front. There are no bathrooms on the river so it’s a good idea to show up a little early to use the facilities at the launch site and get situated. 

What will I see on this tour?

This tour will cover about 7 miles of the longest undammed river in the lower 48 states, the Yellowstone River. Montana boasts a wide variety of wildlife and there is no better place for wildlife viewing than Paradise Valley just outside Livingston, Montana. Guests have seen moose, bears, otters, porcupine, beavers, and lots and lots of eagles and other raptors. Along with stunning views of both the Gallatin National Forest and the Absaroka Mountain Range, Paradise Valley is home to some of Montana’s most spectacular scenery. 

How long is the boat tour?

3 hours

Our guides are very flexible but it’s a safe bet to plan for a 3 hour tour. That timeframe is from the time you arrive at the boat launch until you arrive at the takeout and retrieve your vehicle. Things like wind and water flow can speed up or slow down a trip. Our guides are expert oarsmen and are prepared for any weather, however sometimes float time is out of our control due to the elements. If you have any time constraints please let your guide know during the planning process. If you are interested in a specific stretch of river or float time you should consider the “Custom Float” option. 

How many people can you accommodate?

Each boat can hold 6 people. There are 2 boats available so we could accommodate a party of 12.

Do you accommodate children?
Yes! Please note that all children 12 and under are required by Montana law to wear life jackets for the entirety of the trip. No exceptions and we’ll provide the life jackets.
Should I tip my guide?

We’ve compiled a great group of guides and spent time training them. These are all long time river guides and tips are greatly appreciated. We recommend at least 15% per boat or $150/guide if you’re happy with your experience. Feedback is greatly appreciated as we are always looking to improve the experience. 

I have a special event that I’m planning, is this a good option for us?

We are incredibly flexible and would love to work with you on engagements, bridal parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries, and much more. Please contact us with specifics and we’ll be happy to arrange the details.

What are the physical requirements for the trip?

While this trip is very much about relaxing and letting our guides do the work, there is a bit of physical fitness needed.

You must be able to walk on uneven ground to board and debark the boat. A small step stool is available and in some places necessary, so you need to be able to lift your leg and step down from a stool safely. There are no weight restrictions but the guide may ask you to sit in a specific place in the boat for weight distribution.

There are bathrooms available at the boat launch and the takeout but there are no bathrooms available on the river, so if we need to make a pit stop you will need to be comfortable walking through varying terrain. 

What if I have allergies?
We work with local caterers and can accommodate most allergies.
How does my car get to the end/takeout?

Yellowstone Wood Boat Tours provides shuttle service for 1 vehicle per boat. If both boats are being utitilized, YWBT will accomodate 3 shuttled vehicles. Additional vehicles can be shuttle for a small fee, please discuss with guide during planning. 

Your car will be shuttled while you are on the river so it will be waiting for you upon conclusion of the tour. 

*YBWT guides will not shuttle any persons

I don’t see my question here?
We’ve been hosting river trips for over 30 years, so please let us know your question and we’ll likely already have a solution for you.