Natural History

Our Wood Drift Boat Scenic tours are more than just amazing boats, spectacular scenery and great food – although that’s reason enough for most people. Our interpretive guides are also going to take you on an exploration of our diverse and unique Upper Yellowstone Watershed.

Our interpretive guides will start off with a brief description of how Yellowstone Wood Boat Tours came to be and introduce you to our custom made wood boats. Once we set off on our journey they’ll discuss why the Yellowstone River is such a special place. All the while we’ll be keeping an eye out for various wildlife, points of geologic significance, and discussing the history surrounding the area.

The topics our guides have knowledge of include:

  • Upper Yellowstone Watershed – general facts, history, climate impacts, and multi-use issues
  • Geology – general information, natural history, and water use issues
  • History – including native peoples, Corp of Discovery, Paradise Valley development
  • Wildlife – viewing, and discussions on native / non-native impacts on the watershed
  • Others? Yes, we are happy to discuss topics of interest pertinent to your groups specific interests.